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allow SMTP delivery of remotely hosted users of Kerio-hosted domain [message #146307] Thu, 25 July 2019 19:42
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Scenario: One or two users of a domain (let's call it "" for example) - so and - will be hosted on a Kerio Connect instance. The other users of the same domain - for example - will be hosted remotely on a non-Kerio server. The locally hosted users user1 and user2 will have email delivered using the external "SMTP Delivery" feature of Kerio Connect (not delivered directy by Kerio Connect). The SMTP server is configured correctly. It works fine for all cases except the one being reported here. A rule is set up for each local user in SMTP Delivery such as: "Use this server if sender email address is [user1<_at_>]."

Things that work as expected:
1. When sends an email to user2<_at_>, Kerio Connect correctly recognizes that user2 is locally hosted, and delivers the email directly to user2 without using SMTP.
2. When sends an email to a account (for example, user<_at_>, the SMTP delivery feature works as expected. Kerio Connect connects to the external email provider via SMTP and sends the email successfully.

Thus, Kerio Connect correctly uses the entered SMTP relay server settings per the rule whenever user1 is sending a message to (a) someone, when the recipient is hosted locally by Kerio Connect; or (b) someone <_at_> (another domain).

Things that don't work as expected:
1. When (hosted on the local Kerio Connect instance) sends an email to extuser3<_at_> (who is hosted on a remote non-Kerio server), Kerio Connect does not even attempt SMTP delivery via the external connection. Instead, Kerio Connect immediately recognizes that the recipient domain is and decides "User not found" because the local Kerio Connect instance is not hosting extuser3. Instead of attempting to deliver based on the SMTP Delivery rules, Kerio Connect sends an email back to sender (user1) saying that the recipient does not exist.

The issue is when user1 sends an email to someone <_at_>, when that user is hosted on a remote non-Kerio server. In this case, Kerio Connect still tries to find the user locally (because the domain is in Kerio Connect) and when it can't find the user, Kerio Connect fails to use SMTP. Basically, in this case Kerio Connect defaults to internal delivery and does not attempt SMTP.

What needs to happen:
An override rule would be available so that (a) whenever the local domain user is attempting to send an email, and (b) the recipient is a user of the domain but is not found locally, (c) Kerio Connect should attempt to deliver the message via "SMTP Delivery" rules.

As Kerio Connect operates now, if an email is sent (a) from a Kerio Connect domain user to (b) a user of the same domain but hosted on a remote, non-Kerio server, Kerio Connect nonetheless tries to deliver locally and, because it cannot find the remotely-hosted user locally, fails to deliver and sends a "user not found" message to the sender. What we want is a rule that allows to override this behavior and require Kerio Connect to use SMTP delivery in this case, instead of looking for the user locally. In other words, this rule: "If the domain is hosted locally by Kerio Connect, but if the user cannot be found, use SMTP delivery rules to deliver the email externally." Currently, Kerio Connect does not do this.

Vladyslav Velychko​ of GFI Support confirms this issue and states that resolution will require implementation of a Feature Request.
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