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Move to new hardware [message #145184] Mon, 04 March 2019 22:19 Go to next message
pkpowell is currently offline  pkpowell
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Registered: April 2014
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Our mac Mini died today and I'm having trouble connecting the previous HD to the new server.
I managed to copy the server prefs to the new server and mails go in and out. But for some reason attaching the previous HD, selecting its path and rebooting the server results in the system not working at all. Webmail takes forever to open, and when it does, it bails with an error message "Lost connection".
I'm assuming it may have something to do with permissions or indexing? Is there a global "reindex" command that one could run on the store?

I haven't yet attempted to restore from the backup - I've heard that could take a while.

Some basic stats:
The old server was osx 10.8.5, the new one 10.14.3.
The HD is a Promise Pegasus r4 raid5.
The store is 900GBs or so

I'd be very grateful for some help. We rely heavily on our calendars and email.

Re: Move to new hardware [message #145197 is a reply to message #145184] Tue, 05 March 2019 20:06 Go to previous messageGo to next message
j.a.duke is currently offline  j.a.duke
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I made a similar move a few weeks back.

Di you grant the Kerio apps (there are like 6 or 8 different applications that make up the system) full disk access and GateKeeper privileges? I had to do both in order to get Connect to run on my system.

I'm running 9.2.8 on a 2018 Mini with the "old" mail store.

I copied over the preferences and license file from the original server, which had the the path to the existing store already there. I did this prior to connecting the old mail store. I then shut down Kerio (either from System Preferences or via command line), connected the old mail store and waited for it to mount. Once it mounted, I rebooted and after the reboot started Connect (again either System Preferences or command line).

Everything just started working.

You didn't list your configuration for the old and new Minis, but I've found that the server is, overall, using about two and a half times as much memory as before (16 GB now vs 10-12 before). I was running on a 2012 Mini previously w/16GB RAM and macOS 10.12.6. Now I'm on a 32GB Mini with 10.14.3. I'm planning on migrating the system to 64GB RAM as various tools we use to replicate the mail store in near-realtime want a large chunk of memory and I want the server to have some headroom.

If you've got any questions, please let me know.


Re: Move to new hardware [message #145212 is a reply to message #145197] Wed, 06 March 2019 20:49 Go to previous message
pkpowell is currently offline  pkpowell
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Registered: April 2014
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Hey Jon

Thanks for your reply.
Ours is a very similar config. 10.8.5 -> 10.14.3.
I also started by copying the old config from a backup to the new system, and it ran fine writing to the local disk.

Problems arose when I connect the old data drive.
I hadn't thought of GateKeeper, but does that also apply to the file system or just apps?

A local mac support company looked at it together with a Kerio person and managed to get it to run after some time. I think something was up with the permissions - maybe they'll send me some details.
It seems to be running fine atm. Will monitor for any weirdness.

It seems memory use and cpu is lower for us on the new system. 8GB of 32GB and ~10% cpu for 70 accounts.
Before it was over 8GB (paging alot...) and cpu at 50% - 100%

One issue is that I can't fully add accounts on osx 10.14.3 - the outgoing server is set to "none" and won't stick after changing. The outgoing server is listed as "offline" for some reason. Incoming seems fine Maybe Kerio needs an update for 10.14.3 clients.
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